The lawyers Hartmut Lasse and Uwe Meisel founded their office as a supralocal society which is located in Querfurt and in Merseburg. The catchment area includes Halle-Merseburg in the south of Saxony-Anhalt, Greater Leipzig in the East and the southern Harz mountains with Sangerhausen in the West. The offices can be reached conveniently as regards transport facilities and all courts are close to the offices. The firm of solicitors with its four lawyers has practical and forensic experiences of many years and is professionally specialised since 1990. Therefore the society is able to react in a competent and fast way on different juristic requirements of the clients. The client will be advised and looked after at solving problems and legal disputes. The main target of the lawyers activities is to inform the client in order to solve problems without the help of the court. If legal decisions cannot be avoided, the client will be represented by the lawyers at all courts and their juristic instances.
The main activities are civil- and family law, furthermore law of succession and labour law as well as traffic law. Criminal defense and processing in fine matters are also important fields.